Life is a rollercoaster ride.

This is my saddle after the fall; not sure if this had anything to do with my broken knee!!

My two beautiful boys; treasures of my life xx

I am not looking anything near glamorous but am so happy to be alive!!

  This is the spur off the leg that was broken.

With Astro watching everyone ride their horses for the afternoon xx

I wanted to write to give my beautiful House Of Cheri customers an update as to why I haven’t had a new range out yet since selling out completely by August 2017. On the last weekend in March 2016; Easter, I had a terrible horse riding accident at a great campdraft. No-one’s fault just an accident. I was wearing one of my favourite House Of Cheri navy shirts so at least I went down in style!!

I was having a beautiful run on our mare ‘Boonara Silvator’, round two pegs & had lined up for the gate & then I woke up with all these people around me “Ben, Ben, Ben, where’s Ben?” I was told I would ask “It’s ok I’m here I’m holding your head”(Ben) “what happened, where’s Silvator?”(Cheri)“You had a fall, she’s ok she’s not hurt at all.”(Ben) “ Was I on a good run what was my score?”(Cheri) “You didn’t make it through the gate yet.”(Ben). And then I would blank out again but over the course of a long 3 hours in the arena (long for everyone helping me) I would come in & out of consciousness & ask the same questions…

The St.John’s ambulance couldn’t administer morphine so the medical chest holder of the station ‘Yelvertoft’ we were on; Shelley Curr, had to get a morphine shot out of her box & give it to me. Thank the lord for Shelley. Jane McMillan & Lesley Laffey were campdrafting there & ended up beside me & they are in charge of the Cloncurry Hospital so once I noticed them there I immediately knew I was in great hands & I’d be right.


I remember coming to at one stage & my brother in-law Tony Hick was kneeling on one knee holding my arm & hand looking like he was about to propose & I said ‘Will someone please get a photo of Tony holding my hand on one knee’. Another time I saw good friend Kerryl Sedon fanning me with her hat & I could hear good friends Vince Wall & Jack Morris holding my head for me.


I woke up at one stage to look over & both our sons; Hudson & Fred were alongside my sister & all three were crying & I remember thinking oh no, I’ve ruined Easter for them. I smiled at them & told the boys I’m ok, I’m in good hands & not to worry I will be all right & to go & play with their friends & enjoy the rest of the day. My sister was pregnant & I was so worried about her getting anxious so I asked her not to worry & to go lie down….or at least that is what I remember telling her. My boys gave me a sweet kiss each & I was bound so I couldn’t move & there was a rather large rescue helicopter beside me & then I was out to it again.


When I woke up next, Ben was beside me & I was in Mt.Isa hospital & in an immense amount of pain. I stayed there for a few days before being transferred to Cloncurry hospital where I stayed for a week or two. Good friends of ours visited & Suzy Logan took Ben shopping for clothes for me whilst John stayed to keep me company & we talked horse breeding!! That conversation lifted my spirits!!


Our friends & family packed up our horses, truck, trailer & Dan & Kerryl Sedon took Hudson & Fred home for a holiday with them. We will forever be grateful to everyone who helped!!


I had severed the cartilage off my sternum & broken cartilage, broke ribs, punctured/deflated my right lung, popped my shoulder out & broke the top of my bottom knee bone all the way across bar a cm which was all it was holding on with. The broken knee wasn’t picked up & every time I walked I felt like it was going to collapse on me; & it hurt.


I was on an oxygen machine; which apart from helping me breathe staved off the migraines. After several x-rays of my lower leg without an answer; I drove myself out in July; 10 hour car drive, in a lot of pain, when I finally got in to see a specialist – Dr John Maguire & he was amazed I hadn’t suffered a clot & that I hadn’t fallen & broken it right through but that it still had a lot of healing to do. He was also amazed I was walking on a broken leg. So with all the congestion & bruising on the bone & the break I still had ways to go.


I lost my memory & suffered amongst other issues a lot of migraines each day. Post Traumatic Amnesia was a term that had my name against it. All of a sudden I would be standing in the shower holding a shampoo bottle in my hand, I couldn’t remember if I’d already washed my hair or was about to wash my hair. We went through a lot of shampoo & conditioner there for a while!! I couldn’t remember any of my horse’s names. People visited me but I only remember little things of their visits & some not at all. Mum & Dad drove out from their farm at Tully to pick me up from Cloncurry hospital & drive me home to Cowan Downs where they stayed for a week & I cannot remember that visit.


I was on heavy painkillers, which altered with each Dr visit to help with the chronic pain. A breathing specialist flew up from Brisbane to Cloncurry & my lovely doctor Dr Sheila Cronin had me see him to help with all the breathing issues I was having & that visit helped a great deal. I was finding that every time I over exhausted myself (did too much) or got in a little pain my lungs would shut down on me & I would have these extreme attacks where I just couldn’t breathe. One such attack landed me back in hospital in Winton – I thought I’d travel the distance to support my husband Ben in the Winton Campdraft in May but my body couldn’t handle the exertion & I ended up back in hospital not being able to breathe. I was looked after by a great Doctor & caring nurses though & the hospital is a lovely little clean place so that wasn’t bad at all.

Our mare “Boonara Silvator” went into Ben’s campdrafting string & he’s since won a Maiden & 2 Novices on her in the 2 years. She took around 6 months to gain her confidence back somewhat. We still don’t think she’ll ever get back to the confident mare she was before the fall. She had a great horse chiropractor; Jamie Knox work on her in 2016 & her knees & wither & neck were all out & she was a lot better after that treatment. She’s a beautiful big kind grey mare & I think she’ll go into the breeding paddock at the end of this year.  

Ben is riding ‘Boonara SIlvator’ on the left in this photo; the other 2 handsome men are Tony HICK (brother in-law) & Marcus Curr.

It’s now 2 years on & I am no longer reliant on the heavy painkillers. I still have a ways to go with my ribs as they pain me constantly without relief. I am grateful to be alive & have my wits back & I thank God every moment of every day for that! My boys had to grow up quickly which in some ways I thought great & in others sad. Ben, Hudson or Fred would take turns in bringing me a morning coffee in bed as most mornings I could not join them for breakfast so that was sweet & something I cherished!! When Ben had to get to work early the boys would have to get themselves up & showered & eat breakfast without me & that was hard for me to handle, many tears over that!!


Governesses teach the boys school here; last 3 years it was Miss Nicole Steele & this year Miss Lucy Tanner. Nicole really stepped up & took on cooking tea, gardening & going over & beyond to make sure the wheels kept turning in my absence. The boys would check on me constantly during the day & often just lie in bed with me talking. Ben would take the Toyota down to the yards & put the ramp down with a camping chair & foot stool in the back which he would park perfectly so that I could sit elevated in the back & have a front row seat to whatever was happening down the yards & that little bit of extra caring effort on his behalf meant I could stay involved.


It has been a rollercoaster ride & I am finding I am getting better with each beautiful, magical day. I am grateful for blessings. I am grateful for family & friends in our life as we wouldn’t have managed this healing process without their constant unwavering support; as the saying goes ‘you don’t know who your true friends are until you need to lean on them for support’ & we have been amazed at who has stood there to help. Even the little things like people seeing me coming & jumping up to help me up the grandstands at an event or hold me whilst walking down an incline. We love this community. We love our sons. We love life.


Thank you for reading & giving me the opportunity to inform you of the reasoning behind the absence of a new range of shirts. I am getting back on track now & working on a new range, which I am hoping, will be out before the latter half of the year. Thank you for all the emails, phone calls & messages from the loveliest customers wanting new shirts, it warms my heart to know you love my shirts & that is what has kept me going with House Of Cheri.


Cheri xx