Name: Ellie Blacket

Married: No

I grew up on my parent’s property, Alderley Station, 250km south of Mount Isa. I grew up chasing cattle, going to the odd Campdraft/gymkhana and generally enjoying the life of a bush kid. Like most kids in the outback I then got sent to boarding school. For me this was Townsville Grammar School, where I boarded for six years. This took me from the rural life to the city life. I disliked boarding school but it taught me many life skills. I made many friends there that I will always cherish. I have one older brother; he flies choppers for a living and has a beautiful little family with two baby girls.

I am now living at home to help my mum and dad out on the property. In the New Year I am heading to the Gulf country to start work as a jillaroo.

I don’t know anything different but rural life (except for my stint at boarding school) and I don’t want to know anything different, because to me, there is no better lifestyle! It doesn’t matter what time I get back to the homestead from work, I do it because I love it and it’s my life.

It is important for our talented women to stay rural because it makes our communities richer to have such wonderful ladies out here. The outback has so much to offer with its scenery and the people are unreal. The people out here are so friendly and when we all get together at a Campdraft or rodeo, so much fun is had! This is why our ladies need to stay rural to keep the smiles on everyone’s dials.

Horses are one of my biggest hobbies! Whenever I get the opportunity to ride, I take it. I also love my cattle. I love everything about them and always have. Right up there on my list is socializing! If there is a Campdraft, rodeo or races on somewhere I try to make it. Although my bank account doesn’t like it, I do believe that you need to go out and have fun and hit the dance floor every now and then!  ELLIE xx