Suzy’s a humble, beautiful, kindhearted woman who is a workaholic in the office & partner to husband John in ‘Barkly Helicopters’. They have an impressive haul of 10 helicopters & 9 pilots who work for them & John also flies himself. ‘Barkly Helicopters’ has a formidable reputation in the Gulf & beyond to the Northern Territory as reliable with skilled pilots who are professionals at their trade & are employed predominantly for mustering the vast & enormous herds in the Gulf. The machines are meticulously cared for with regular services, cleaning & general & thorough care with safety a high priority.

John & Suzy are as welcoming as they are generous & thoughtful; always offering a bed or place to stay should you want to visit the mighty Isa. Set on 5 acres of lush lawns & well-manicured gardens “Weirimi”; named after some rock holes on Bulbi Station, Winton where they scattered John’s Dad’s ashes, is where they call home. It is where we held our first ever photoshoot for ‘House Of Cheri’ & the gardens are so beautiful they have also played host to weddings. Daughter Meg 9, son Joe 8, a string of talented campdrafting horses, a dog & rescued cat also call this slice of paradise home. Pilots navigate their way here for services & ample accommodation kept wonderfully clean by Suzy is where they stay. This wonder-woman could be found washing sheets, gardening, cooking, cleaning, taking the kids to sports or school runs or in the office keeping the cogs running.
One of Suzy’s passions is for her horses & she loves the sport of campdrafting. Growing up in Suzy’s words:

My earliest childhood memories start when we lived at Manar, Clermont and when I was 8 we moved to Amby Downs, west of Roma. Dad depended on my Brother and I to assist him with all the stockwork and he had us on horses from a very early age. Dad always maintained that if we wanted to compete on our horses we had to put the time in on them, clean our saddles, polish our boots and tuck our shirts in!!! If we had cattle to muster or truck on a school morning it occasionally resulted in Stephen & I to be late which we obviously were devastated about.

I then went on to boarding school at Glennie, Toowoomba.
A talented & capable horsewoman she misses not having the room available to ride whenever she wants, particularly when wanting to train younger horses. This is a sacrifice she’s made to live with a husband & family she loves & business she & John nurture together for success.

A humble & beautiful family they are.