house-of-cheri-85house-of-cheri-95house-of-cheri-88TANIA CURR

Living and working a life on the land with my husband Philip and our three daughters, I consider myself a very lucky woman. We call Arizona Station north of Julia Creek home and run beef cattle on properties in the Mckinlay Shire.

I grew up on our family sheep and cattle property south of Nelia with my two younger sisters; Amanda and Jodi. While I am grateful of, and enjoyed my childhood I did not imagine it would be my life forever as I always thought my younger adult years would be lived in a more corporate and urban environment. Boarding school, university and overseas followed, but the unexpected passing of my father was a “sliding door” moment for me. As the eldest child, I returned to our home and ran the property to enable our mother to be in Townsville with my sisters while they completed their high school education.

While this part of my life was challenging on so many levels, it taught me many things and of course was the platform for beginning a new life; marriage, children, business. Through all the highs and lows, I am very grateful and proud of what Philip and I have achieved as business partners and parents. As a rural woman… as any woman I think it is essential to find ‘your’ healthy balance. Over the years I have divided my time between working outside, doing the book work, creating a lovely environment at home for everyone to enjoy and ensuring there is time for fun; camp drafting, community events and at least an annual break away.

Admittedly there have been times when I could have turned my back on this life due to the impact of drought combined more recently with the emotional strain of our children being away at boarding school. Though despite the harder aspects of this life I do feel extremely content with what I am doing and who I am. Embracing life, I’m interested in so much and want to do many things, and as corny as it sounds, I genuinely try to make the most of every day and aim to be the best version of myself.

Honestly, it is a privilege to lead a rural life; the opportunity to work and play together as a family, especially as a woman to take on many roles and have such a cross section of skills and I simply appreciate the wonderful experience of living, working and socializing in such a great environment. I try to instill in my girls and tell myself everyday – You only get one crack at life, ………so LIVE it.