Sell The Problem You Solve Not The Product

DSC_3886 DSC_3865 DSC_3884 DSC_3883 DSC_3867DSC_394711539254_10205888122435438_6838354588932752301_o2ND WENDY WOCKNER EMERALD WHITE DETAILS SHIRT RED SAILOR 2RE: Sell The Problem You Solve Not The Product.

For years I searched for a shirt with long length in the sleeves as I didn’t like the back of my hands being burnt & I believe a longer length sleeve & cuff elongates the arm; which is lovely…….A longer length overall as I don’t like having to constantly tuck myself in; & sharp tailoring in the right places to make the wearer look finished & slimmer……All qualities hard to find which lead me to make my own shirts with these qualities.

The length overall is a hard one to master as for me it could possibly be the perfect length & for similar ladies with longer torsos however some of my gorgeous custmoers are shorter in the torso (from neck to hips I’m referring to) & for them; they are too long…. So one of the next shirts I bring out will have to be a shorter length for the gorgeously gorgeous shorter torso ladies.

The doubled stitched seams, slightly stiff collars, & double material cuffs add polished touches. The seams on the semi-fitted shirts that split the front of the shirt up into 4 sections is how we achieved the close fit so that the shirt doesn’t bulge at the top or around the belly (which visually adds kilos) making it slimming…..

It doesn’t matter what size you are if a shirt fits you perfectly it will be slimming & look sharp.

The relaxed fit shirts I am very excited about though the verdict is still out as to whether they are a bit too long in length??

So tell me please ladies……Do my shirts solve the problems you find in other shirts?? I LOVE FEEDBACK!! Cheri x